What is HUFF?

The Heads Up For Fire (HUFF) and other emergencies project aims to ensure the wellbeing of people within the communities the Blue Mountains in the event of bushfires and other emergencies.

What is a HUFF Facilitator?

HUFF Facilitators are people who volunteer their time to get to know their neighbours and share information with them about preparing for an emergency.

How does it work?

Neighbourhood Meetings have been held for every street in Mt Victoria and Blackheath where people can learn about: Preparing for emergencies and How to become a HUFF Facilitator

There are still a few streets in Mt Victoria and Blackheath that need facilitators.

HUFF will provide training and information about what you will need to do in your community. It's a great way of meeting your neighbors. You'll have the full support of your local RFS. Interested ?

Register your property with the RFS. The RFS will be in a stronger position to protect you and your property if they know more about it. Take a few minutes to tell us anything special that we may need to know.